About World Class Uppsala

What is World Class Uppsala? We are about twenty of Uppsala’s leading organizations and companies that see the city’s incredible potential. We strive to strengthen Uppsala’s brand and attractiveness by distributing financial grants and support for promising projects that put the city on the map and make a difference in society

More than 50 million SEK in financial support

In 2008, the members of World Class Uppsala met to collaborate and create something socially enriching. In 2009, the network was officially founded and the rest is, as they say, history. Eleven years later, we have supported various projects with more than SEK 50 million, divided into around 200 events and projects that resonate both nationally and around the world. Together, all the projects we have supported create confidence in the future, community and pride in Uppsala as a city. Since 2020, we have also supported initiatives and projects that in concrete ways contribute to the benefit of society

More than 200 events later

Maybe you have heard of the Uppsala Health Summit (UHS). This conference is an example of an annual meeting that was founded and made possible by World Class Uppsala. We are very proud to be behind this scientific and internationally embraced trade fair for decision-makers, opinion leaders and experts, where the conversation focuses on how to use knowledge from research and innovations to achieve better health and care.

For a more open Uppsala

We are especially passionate about initiatives that benefit society and open its doors to more people. In 2014, we made the decision to invest parts of the joint capital in the side project Öppna Uppsala (Open Uppsala). We wanted to encourage organizers and initiators of various integration projects to apply for funding to be able to implement initiatives for a more open and welcoming Uppsala.

From 2020, we have also allocated financial contributions to initiatives and projects that clearly contribute to the benefit of society. We also make announcements with varying specializations, not least due to COVID-19, in order to be able to help where it is needed most

Sustainability in your project

We are convinced that we can be involved and contribute to solutions to the great global challenges. We have therefore within the network chosen to focus work on some of the global goals of the Agenda 2030. As a grant seeker or supporter, you have an important part to play in this work and is asked to fulfil certain criteria in your project. The requirements are specified in the application.

You want to create something good. Together we can create something world-class.
Apply for financial support or a grant from us.