How to apply for funding for your project

Are you interested in applying for funding or grants for your project? We are happy to hear from you! Here you will find all the information you need about the process. You can apply for funding at a number of specified times of the year, and do so via a digital form on our website.

Kommande deadlines för stöd och bidrag:

12 January 2022
25 March 2022
19 May 2022
22 August 2022
24 October 2022

Initially, decide which category you want to make your application in:

– Events and conferences that strengthen Uppsala’s attractiveness

– Socially beneficial initiatives initiative that clearly contributes to concrete improvements in society and a better Uppsala

– Invitations for proposals in form of resources to projects that really make a difference at the right time. The invitations are formulated on the basis of prevailing conditions and current needs. Once we have received your application, it is initially evaluated by the network’s project manager based on a set number of criteria that differ from one category to another. Requirements for focus, sustainability, content and knowledge are some of the general assessment criteria. In order to be granted funding or a grant, a number of these criteria must be met

This is how your application is handled

Your approved application is then prepared as a meeting document and sent to selected representatives within World Class Uppsala prior to the network’s joint decision-making meetings. Decision-making meetings take place five times a year, where we together decide which applicants have been granted support or grants and which sums will be paid out.

The day after the decision-making meeting, a written decision is sent to the organizers who have been granted funding and the amount of the grant or subsidy. Applicants who are not granted funding will also receive a written decision of rejection. Grants awarded to community beneficial initiatives are paid out in connection with the decision, while support for events is paid out after implementation.

Applicants who have been granted funding must, after implementation, make a written follow-up based on a questionnaire that clearly states how funding or grants have been used and distributed to create the desired effect. Documentation in the form of receipts and invoices is also requested in connection with the follow-up. Follow-ups are approved by the project coordinator.

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