A Community Initiative

The World Class Uppsala network supports socially beneficial initiative that clearly contributes to improvements in society and a better Uppsala. To find such initiatives we work with outreach and networks. We also accept suggestions from organisations and individuals.

Assessment criteria

Funding for a socially beneficial initiative can be granted by the World Class Uppsala network, provided that all requirements are met. Only initiatives that in a clear way contribute to improvements in society and not only benefit a single person, are supported. Your initiative must respect the equal value, sexual orientation, ethnicity, skin colour, political opinion, religious beliefs and social status of all human beings.

The initiative must:

The initiative should also:

Funding cannot be given to projects


Would you like to suggest an initiative to contributes to increased integration, security, sustainability, gender equality or health and fulfil our criteria? Please send us a summary. We will read the summary, and thereafter decide whether or not we would like an application from you. If so, we will send you an application form. The application will then be approved or denied by the network members. The applications will be handled after the applicationdeadlines, please see the specific dates.

The brief summery must include